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Steel Frame Building Retrofit

Why Steel Frame Buildings Need Retrofitting

Steel frame buildings are constructed with a skeleton frame, or a series of vertical steel beams and horizontal l-beams that create a sound structure. While this construction method creates sound buildings, it doesn’t fully take seismic activity or earthquakes into account. During an earthquake, the areas where the steel frames are welded together can reveal cracks and fissures. Over time, these cracks can worsen and may even be susceptible to collapse during a major earthquake.

With retrofitting, you can upgrade the performance, safety, and energy demand that your building currently presents. Giving your building these upgrades can also help reduce high earthquake insurance premiums, showing that your building is qualified to hold up to activity.

How Retrofitting for Steel Frame Buildings Works

Steel frame buildings carry their own unique challenges. Because Southern California is constantly exposed to seismic activity, it is crucial that our team assess the current state of the beams. As mentioned, activity can cause small cracks along the beams, which may need to be repaired or replaced, depending on their condition. But in most cases, we can use boosted beam-column connections and chevron braces to create a secure, earthquake-ready structure. Of course, we will develop the construction plan according to your specific needs after inspection.

Getting Started with Retrofitting

At National Seismic Retrofit, we start all of our retrofitting services with a thorough complimentary on-site inspection. In this inspection, we judge the health, integrity, and construction methods used and look for areas where retrofitting can benefit. We develop a plan and present it to you and your decision makers to ensure that every aspect meets your timeline and budget. Plus, we help navigate through complicated city ordinances to ensure that your building meets their standards. Reach out to us today to get started.

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