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Santa Monica

Retrofitting in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is one of the most desirable places to work and live in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, it is one of the areas where the Los Angeles Ordinance is ordering retrofitting of many buildings. This ordinance is designed to prevent catastrophic damages to the area and the people living there. If your Santa Monica property meets the following requirements, you may need to start thinking about investing in retrofitting services.

  • Two story or higher buildings crafted with or have existing wood frames
  • Any structures built before January 1, 1978
  • Soft-story buildings or buildings created with ground floor parking or an open floor space on the ground floor.

Does Your Building Need Retrofitting?

If your property meets any of the three requirements above, there is a high chance that you will receive an order from the City of Los Angeles for retrofitting. Retrofitting is the process of restoring, repairing, or upgrading a current building’s structural integrity to prevent damage during an earthquake. These strategic advancements to buildings make them more flexible and safe for seismic activity, something that is very common in Los Angeles.

How to Get Started

If you have received an order from the city or if you want to get ahead of earthquake damages, we are here to help. At National Seismic Retrofit, we offer complimentary on-site inspections that will help you and our team better understand the current state of your building. We will work together to create the best plans for your needs to ensure that the least amount of disturbance to your business is done during construction. For the best retrofitting services in Santa Monica, reach out to us today.

Schedule your free inspection to pass your local Seismic Retrofit Program