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Initial Site Inspection

Initial On-Site Inspection

At National Seismic Retrofit, we proudly offer a free on-site inspection. Whether you have received an order from the City of Los Angeles or not, we will inspect your property to check for features mentioned in Ordinance 183893. This inspection will give us a better idea of the current state of your property so we can begin to work together to get your property up to the standards of the City.

What Happens During Our Initial On-Site Inspection

During your initial inspection, our team of engineers will assess your property’s foundation, structural integrity, interior, and exterior to get the best idea of its current condition. After a full walk through is complete, our team will use the information gathered to create the best plan of action to get your building up to the standards of the City. If you have received an order, we will take that into account during our inspection to ensure that the order is valid. If we can prove that your building is sound, we will assist you in submitting evidence to the City. Overall, the inspection process will help us come up with the best solution for your property and business.

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