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Cost-Recovery (THP)

What is Cost-Recovery?

If you have an apartment building or any kind of building that houses tenants, cost-recovery will help both you and your tenants recover costs of relocation during construction. This Tenant Habitability Program was created by the government to help building owners get the construction needed to create safe spaces for tenants without losing valuable business time and money. The cost-recovery under the Tenant Habitability Program was created when ordinances for seismic retrofitting came into place, but can also help building owners improve capital during untenantable conditions.

How We Can Help

For years, we have helped businesses just like yours get the retrofitting required to meet ordinances with the least amount of impact to daily operations. At National Seismic Retrofit, we can help your business apply and get approved for these programs. These programs are designed to help you not only get the funds needed to make the correct retrofitting, but also retain the great relationship you have with your tenants. With our help, you can get started on construction with ease, knowing that both you and your tenants are taken care of.

Getting Started

No matter if you have been ordered to start retrofitting from the City or if you are looking to take preventative measures, we are happy to help. Retrofitting your building is a must is Southern California, and we want to assist you in getting the best services for both you and your business. For frustration-free retrofitting, call us today to schedule your free on-site consultation.

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